It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I hadn't post anything about #mygardenjourney. April had been a very rainy month and the works in the garden had a slow progress. Now I have some new, young plants and on next crescent moon, starting today in Gemini, I'm going to plant lasts seeds.

Studying herb properties

My desk this morning is full of manuals and books and I absolutely love how it appears.
Last two weeks the weather was bad, it rained and the work in the garden got slower. But I put in the ground many plants and now, I'm studying herbs properties in phytoterapy, aromatherapy and Ayurveda to have a whole vision.


Seven Dhatus

The plant, like the human being, and the universe itself, is similarly composed of seven Dhatus or seven plane. The juice of the plant is the plasma. The resin of the plant is its blood. The softwood is muscle. The gum is its fat. The bark is its bones. The leaves are its marrow and nerve-tissue. The flowering tree shows these tissues in their most developed state. The tree is to the plant world what the human being is to the animal kingdom. [...]
Plants similarly posses their own Ojas (the energy and love within their system). But, they can transmit Ojas when used with love. Remedies producted with love, even when not "therapeutically" sound, may work wonders. Love is the true healing force; herbs and other means are merely vehicles.

From "The Yoga of Herbs" David Frawley and Vasant Lad.

Creation is light

Plants give us the love, the nourishing power of the sun, which is the same energy of all the stars, of all light. These cosmic energies emanated by plants thus nourish, sustain and make grow our own astral body. In this way the existence of plants is a great offering, a sacrifice. They offer us not only their own nutritive value, but the very light and love from the stars, from the cosmos whose messengers they are. They bring to us the universal light so that we can enter the universal life. They exist for psycological, as well physical nourishment.
Plants exist to transmute light into life. Human being exist to transmute life into consciousness, love. [...] Plants exist to transmute light into life trough photosynthesis. the human being transmutes life into consciousness through perception.
The proper usage of a plant or herb, during which its true power is released, implies a communion with it. The plant, when we are one with it, will vitalize our nervous system and invigorate our perception. This means giving value to a plant as something sacred, as a means of communion with all nature.

From "The Yoga of Herbs" David Frawley and Vasant Lad.

Fourth day of #mygardenjourney

I made a hole in the ground 2x2 mt, 50 cm deep. There were nettle roots everywhere, so I had to make a strong cleaning. After this oparation I put about 40 cm of sticks, branches, leaves and cortex in the hole to start fertilizing the terrain. In this place there will be a flowerbed where I'll plant herbs which loves a little shadow.

Street market


Yesterday it was my first experience at a street market and.. you know what? I loved it! 
I was with my aunt, who sells some objects she buy in her journeys in India and we had a really tiny table. We had the smallest stand in the market. Ok, I sold only a couple of soaps, but I loved to talk to people who asked me about my activity, questioning about ingredients and processes. They were curious and really interested.
I gave some business card and some samples, it's a little start, a really good little start! 

Five o'clock in the morning


Wake up at 5 o' clock in the morning has great advantages. The first one is that nobody talk to me before I drink my coffe, the second is that nobody talk to me for other 2 or 3 hours after I had my coffe. I love silence and, in this moment of the day, I can appreciate it.

Then, I have time to study. For me, it's difficult to find a moment to read my books during the day, because I'm always on movement. In the early morning I know I can read without interruption for an hour. It's not so much, I know, but it is really what I call quality time, because I can really focus on what I'm studying. Sometimes, the teachings I read follow me during the day. This make me quiet, tollerant and allow me to have more awareness and to be wiser if I have to take any decision.

Another advantage is to have more time for the practice, so I can continue in following the course written by Iyengar in his book "Light on yoga".

Have a bright, shining day.