Hello and thank you for visiting my web portfolio.

I was born in Trieste, a small city in the north-east of Italy.

I have studied graphic design in Udine, worked as a photographer around Italy and graduated in Communication Science at the University of Trieste.

As graphic designer, I’m specialized in the printing sector. I design corporate identity, books, brochures, business cards and many more printed products such as t-shirt or stickers. I have also some web skills in animation and web design, but I don’t like coding (and I won’t study to learn it).

As a photographer, my favorite subject is Nature. I love to take pictures of the woods around Trieste. This is a special place, unique in the world for its characteristics and it’s named Carso.
This area goes from Gorizia to Trieste and beyond the Slovenian border and is easily discovered taking its many paths.

As digital marketer I help small business with their online communication.

Sometimes I take pictures of people, especially when they have a story to tell or when they’re artists. I try to catch the energy which moves them, the magic they put in they work. I love the artists who want to share their knowledge and their feelings with a public..

I also like taking pictures of the things in my life that give me joy, sharing some happiness with other people.
If you have a look at my Instagram profile, you’ll know what I mean.

I’m happy when I ride my bicycles, practice yoga, cook, produce soaps and unguents with natural ingredients and essential oils, when I study any subject that excitese me, when I walk in nature or I can stay with animals.