Five o'clock in the morning


Wake up at 5 o' clock in the morning has great advantages. The first one is that nobody talk to me before I drink my coffe, the second is that nobody talk to me for other 2 or 3 hours after I had my coffe. I love silence and, in this moment of the day, I can appreciate it.

Then, I have time to study. For me, it's difficult to find a moment to read my books during the day, because I'm always on movement. In the early morning I know I can read without interruption for an hour. It's not so much, I know, but it is really what I call quality time, because I can really focus on what I'm studying. Sometimes, the teachings I read follow me during the day. This make me quiet, tollerant and allow me to have more awareness and to be wiser if I have to take any decision.

Another advantage is to have more time for the practice, so I can continue in following the course written by Iyengar in his book "Light on yoga".

Have a bright, shining day.